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Frequently Asked Questions

Our live-in caregivers are overseas professionals who obtained their certificates (Caregiver Certificate/Nursing Aide/Diploma in Nursing/Bachelor of Science in Nursing) in their home country or Singapore Training Institutions. 

They are carefully selected and trained by our Professional Nurses (Registered Nurses in Singapore).

The daily tasks of an experienced caregiver include:

  • Transferring the patient from bed to wheelchair and vice versa  
  • Showering the patient (male or female) 
  • Changing diapers (male or female)
  • Monitoring and keeping a record of vital signs (blood pressure/heart-rate/blood glucose level/oxygen level)
  • Managing diabetes (including insulin administration)
  • Preparing special meals according to the doctor’s order (blended diet/minced diet)
  • NGT feeding
  • A urinary catheter (draining out urine without causing an infection)
  • Bedsore management (frequent turning in bed)
  • Daily exercise (limbs exercise/assisted walking exercise)
  • Escorting the patient to medical appointments

Other Skills: 

  • Wound Management (Dressing)
  • Stoma Bag Care 
  • Oxygen Therapy 
  • Airway Management (Suctioning of Airway/Use of Inhaler)
  • PEG Tube Feeding and Care 
  • Tracheostomy Care 

Special Skills:  

  • Mental Disorder (Depression/Schizophrenia/Autism)
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Down Syndrome

Live-in caregivers are FDWs. Therefore, they stay in the employer’s house and take care of their loved one with medical conditions (bedridden/wheelchair bound/with NGT feeding/change diaper or assisted shower, and more)

It is necessary that they share the same room with the patient so they can provide care 24/7 in the client’s own home. With that said, adequate rest is also important for the caregiver.

On average, it takes employers 2-3 days to browse, compare profiles, conduct interviews and make a hiring decision.

Once the documentation is completed, we’ll proceed with the MOM submission:

  • For straightforward cases, getting approval from the MOM takes about 3-7 working days.
  • It might take longer for cases under sponsorship schemes or those that need to appeal for special pre-approval.

Overall timeline (for straightforward cases): 

  • 5-7 working days if the caregiver is under transfer or the date on which her employer will be releasing her (whichever is later)
  • 2-3 weeks if the caregiver is based in her home country, Myanmar, including a 7-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN).


The condition of a patient keeps changing. Therefore, after a caregiver starts working in the employer’s house, our trainers will arrange a home visit with the patient to:

  • Review the plan of care based on the client’s medical condition. 
  • Re-assess caregiver’s competency and provide additional training accordingly.
  • Receive feedback from the client/client’s family members.

Most of the caregivers under transfer will still be working. They’ll be available for a face-to-face interview only during their day off or after getting permission from their current employer.

You can terminate a caregiver’s sentence anytime by giving a 7-day notice, regardless of the reason. After seven days, you can contact us to look for a new employer for your caregiver. Or, if your caregiver chooses to return to her home country, you may arrange for repatriation.




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