Check Before you Hire

  1. Employer must be 21 years old and above.  
  2. No mental incapacity.  
  3. Working adult with annual income of S$30k and above (for 1 FDWs) 
  4. If is retired, need to have financial means to  caregiver’s salary (S$50k saving for example) 
  5. Must attend Employer Orientation Programme (EOP)
  6. Employer is working adult but annual income < S$30k or retired but no S$50k saving: You may still apply under Sponsorship Scheme or Joint Income Scheme.  
  7. To avoid unnecessary delay for the application process, it is advisable for employer have SingPass Ready, you may want to apply one here: Register for SingPass. 
  8. Need to update your residential address ? You may do so at ICA Website via This Link. 


Eg:  Based on agreement Salary S$650 and 2 off days / month 

Basic Salary S$650.00 (Basic salary is assuming every Sunday Off) 

Bothe Employer and FDW agreed for 2 off days / month, meaning the other 2 or 3 Sunday she will be working, hence, Employer is expected to top up the salary at daily rate (650/26=S$25) 


Total salary paid to FDW is S$650+S$25X2=S$700 (if there are 4 Sundays in the month) 

OR S$650+S$25X3=S$725 (if there are 5 Sundays in the month)  

  1. How much and How to pay.  
  2. Check any overdue amount. 
  3. Download Levy GIRO Form Here.
  4. For Levy GIRO Form: must be printed out and completed, original copy must be Mailed out. 

Insurance (Hong Leong Assurance)

  • We encourage employers to use HL Assurance’s Essential Coverage – Enhanced (26 months) – S$ 292.00 net.
  • Waiver of Counter Indemnity for Letter of Guarantee to MOM S$ 53.50 net. (Optional)
  • Bi-Yearly Medical Check-up (Valid for 1 or 2 years from policy effective date) (Optional)
    • 1 Year – S$ 42.80 net
    • 2 Years – S$ 107.00 net
  • Refund of unused premiums are calculated by HL
    • Direct refund if payment made with credit
    • Refund will take longer to process if payment made in any other.
  • Other Benefits:
    • Any GP visit to Healthway Medical’s panel of clinics the consultation fee is flat $14.
    • Any dental visit to Healthway Medical’s dental clinics the consultation fee is waived if treatment is
    • Policy schedule received from HL must be presented at clinic upon

Download Insurance Application Form Here for more details.

Link to Policy and Panel of Clinics:  

Scenario No. 1: Deployment 

Mdm Tan 83 years old who is suffering from Dementia, she stays alone in a HDB 3Rm flat, now she is looking to hire a full time caregiver:

Thinking 1. Mdm Tan does not have mental capacity to be employer, so she can’t hire under her name. 

Thinking 2. Mdm Tan’s Next of Kin can hire if they meet the requirement as an employer, but the caregiver they hired is only suppose to work within the registered address, how to take care of Mdm Tan ? 

Solution: It is advisable to seek for pre approval from Minister of Manpower for Deployment Arrangement: draft a letter and send in via email. You may download a copy of Appeal Letter – Deployment

For Appeal to MOM:
Tel: 6438 5122

Top Faith Live -in Caregivers

Live in caregivers are overseas professions who obtained their certificates (Caregiver Certificate / Nursing Aide / Diploma in Nursing / Bachelor Science in Nursing Etc) in their home country or some in Singapore Training Institutions. 

They are carefully selected and trained by our Professional Nurses (Registered Nurses in Singapore)

For an experienced caregiver, their daily task includes: 

  • Transfer Client from Bed to Wheelchair or Vice Versa  

  • Shower for patient (male or female) 

  • Diaper Changing  (male or female)

  • Monitor and Keep Record of  Vital Signs (Blood Pressure / Heart Rate / Blood Glucose Level / Oxygen Level Etc) 

  • Diabetes Management (include insulin administration)

  • Prepare Special Meals according to Doctor’s Order (Blended Diet / Minced Diet Etc)

  • NGT Feeding 

  • Urinary Catheter (Drain out the urine without causing infection)

  • Bed Sore Management (Frequent Turning In Bed Etc) 

  • Daily Exercise (Limbs Exercise / Assisted Walking Exercise) 

  • Escort Client for Medical Appointments 


Other Skills: 

  • Wound Management (Dressing)

  • Stoma Bag Care 

  • Oxygen Therapy 

  • Airway Management (Suctioning of Airway / Use of Inhaler)

  • PEG Tube Feeding and Care 

  • Tracheostomy Care 


Special Skills:  

  • Mental Disorder (Depression / Schizophrenia / Autism)

  • Dementia /  Alzheimer’s Disease 

  • Down Syndrome Etc

  1. Live in Caregivers are FDWs, therefore they stay in Employer’s house and take care of your love one with medical conditions (bedridden / wheelchair bound / with NGT feeding / change diaper or assisted shower etc)


    It is common that they share a same room with client so to provide absolute care 24/7 (adequate rest is ensured) at client’s comfort own home 

Patient’s condition changes, therefore after Caregiver started working in Client’s house, Our Trainers who are Registered Nurses will arrange Home Visit with client to: 

  • Review Plan of Care based on client’s medical condition 

  • Re-assess Caregiver’s competency and provide additional training accordingly

  • Receive feedbacks from client / client’s family members 

Salary guide for a live in caregiver:
Level 1: S$600-750 / Month
Level 2: S$700-850 / Month
Level 3: S$800 – 1300 / Month 

Salary depends on individual qualification and experience, also depends on patient’s condition and job requirement. 
Hence, in Top Faith we only provide guideline for their salary, final amount can be discussed between Employer and Caregivers during the interview.