Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.topfaithcaregiver.com

Top Faith Pte Ltd was founded in 2020 by 2 Staff Nurses (Degree in Nursing) 
In total we have more than 15 years ward experiences, mainly is elderly care with medical and mental illness: Stroke / Dementia / Heart Diseases / DM patients etc.
Top Faith is committed to provide Ethical Hiring services for live-in caregivers and helpers, our FDWs mainly from Myanmar / Philippines / Indonesia / Sri Lanka and as well as India. We are committed to provide quality care to our valued customers 
Common Skills for a caregiver include:
➽ Transferring patient from bed to wheelchair Vice Versa
➽ Escort patient for Medical Appointments
➽ Assist in Changing Diapers and Showering
➽ Preparing Meals (Special meals like soft diet / low salt low fat diet / blended diet etc)
➽ Share a same room and assist for toileting at night
➽ Monitoring and recording blood pressure / blood glucose level for doctor assessment regularly
➽ Bed Sores / Wound Management
➽ NGT / PEG Tube Feeding and Care
➽ Stoma Care / Urine Catheter / Urine Bag Care
➽ Tracheostomy Care / Airway Suctioning / Respiratory Therapy
➽ Bed Sponging for Bedridden Patient
◉ Additional Training will be provided based on patient’s condition after job is confirmed
◉ Complementary Home Visit to further enhance confidence level of a caregiver
Salary guide for a live in caregiver:
Level 1: S$600-750 / Month
Level 2: S$700-850 / Month
Level 3: S$800 – 1300 / Month